Do We Re-invent The Wheel?

This is prompted in part by my look into some Stoicism quotations yesterday.

If for example you were educated in the British public, or in other words private and fee paying, school system it is likely that you will have had considerable exposure to the classics, Latin, and Greek. As such because of this kind of programming you would be more open to the words of the Greek and Roman philosophers than say those originating in the Indian subcontinent or the far East.  You may even imagine that the Roman and Greek philosophers were presenting original ideas. It would not occur to you that they might, if stoic, be plagiarising Vedic or Buddhist thought. It would not occur to you that there has been a rebranding of someone else’s ideas so as to gain kudos and fame.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that those in Greece had exposure to the above ideas and Zoroastrianism as well. Yet there is a tendency to laud those who have geographic origin closer to home. The Greek philosophers were great!! What about the Persians, and dare I say it, Iranians?

I’ll posit that the basic philosophises of not being greedy, not getting angry, trying to understand that opinion is just that and that perception is that and not ultimate reality have run through history and are simply being recycled and rephrased time and again. Those unaware of their historical origins think these ideas are new, but they have been resident thought forms for millennia. It they are written down in Swedish or German or French they sound different, but the essence does not differ.

A wheel remains a wheel whatever the name.

It does not take a brilliant logician to state that greed causes unhappiness and suffering and cannot ever be truly stated. Logically greed is not a good thing, yet the planet is positively swarming with greedy and avaricious people, who therefore by definition are also illogical.

The basic wisdom even at the level of common sense is ageless, it is just recycled and repackaged down the ages. This wisdom pertains to the human condition with all its peccadilloes. The knowledge of science and engineering grows, the wisdom pertaining to the quirks of humanity does not. This is because although our knowledge and intellect are on the move our behaviour as {anti} social beings is not evolving as fast and by a long shot.

So, when someone says something along the lines of,” the best kind of revenge is not being so petty as to seek revenge” it is not radical nor modern it is just recycled and rephrased.

Wisdom is wisdom even if it is over 2000 years old!

Yes, humanity does reinvent the wheel and by this I also mean the wheel of rebirth. In not learning the lessons one remains tied to the wheel of rebirth…. a wheel is wheel whatever the language.