Probably Never Going Back to Blighty

I have been busy strimming this afternoon both inside and outside the property. The strimmer is a tad vintage, and I may need to source some spare parts…so I have started looking into it.

It occurred to me why around here the question about Brexit is so upfront. It is because the sense of family, of community, in France is much stronger than in the UK. One “must” remain connected. There is an assumption that I have such a thing in the UK. That I could want to be trotting back over the channel to touch base. This assumption is a bit off. I can read the cricket score on the Guardian, and we can watch the Six Nations on satellite.

As far as I can see I will never be going back to blighty, not even for a visit. There is nothing there for me.

There are two caveats. If the fish “war” between England and France escalates, we could get kicked out.

If the wife dies first.

I will probably sell up and buy a cottage in Snowdonia or Pembrokeshire, in which to eke out the remainder of days.

Yup, that is the way it looks tonight…