Quirks of Fate

Following on from the realisation that there is a very high probability I will never again set foot in the United Kingdom I have been reflecting on quirks of fate.

If for example you had told me twenty years ago that I would have taken early retirement at 55 and be living on a monthly stipend of 1000 euros {2000 for the two of us} I would not have believed you. I would have argued strongly against it. I would have imagined that I was destined to be in academia until the age of 65+. If you had told me that I would be living in rural Brittany I would have scoffed.

Approximately twenty years ago, I was living in a house on the Clapham side of Brixton. The house two doors away from where I lived has sold for £997,000 in 2021. I had £2,000,000 paper value of shares in a start-up I had co-founded. I had a “secure” {ish} job at a top university. I was very much the city dude. I used to escape once a year to get some alone mountain time. I was the “leader” in a New Age group.

The working alternate idea was perhaps to sell the shares at some stage in the future and open up a retreat centre at which I would be the Vegan chef.

At that time various people told me that I was various things. They said them with an assertion that had others believe them as gospel. In the fullness of time many of these things were found to be very badly inaccurate. Yet people believed them and may still right up to this very day.

There are many things that I could have done {perhaps} in the UK and for some of the people there.

And now I am here. I am wondering a little if there are any quirks of fate remaining.

Fate has perhaps brought me here.

I have no signs / dreams / suggestions to the contrary, of anything in the offing, of any alternate future.

But fate may yet have a few cards up its sleeve so to speak.

It seems unlikely. One could say that I am spent. I am certainly low on inclination to try to change anything much.

Yesterday whilst strimming the perimeter, I disturbed the Heron in the swamp. This answers the question about fish living there. This morning we have clicked and collected, filled the car with petrol and gone in search of a spare head for the strimmer. My favourite farm shop had the exact part in stock. This afternoon we will take a trailer full of green waste and other ancillary items up to the tip. Then I will continue my clearance of the perimeter. I have checked that spares for the strimmer motor are available online. In a few days I will be 57 and as is customary I will do an I Ching consultation. The day after my birthday I have a minor operation scheduled. Around 5pm this afternoon I will prepare the vegetables and marinade the pork in teriyaki, this is shop bought. When this runs out, I’ll make another 400ml batch.

In all likelihood some permutation of the above paragraph will continue until we are too old and infirm to manage the garden at which point, we will downsize and perhaps buy a nanna flat up on the coast. That is pretty much what the future looks like.

Unless there is some unexpected quirk of fate.