Does Karma Accept Socio-political Justifications, Excuses and Attempts at Argumentative Mitigation?

There is a part of humanity which likes to try to justify, excuse and provide mitigative content in order to negotiate away from the perceived abhorrence of their behaviours. They always have some kind of excuse which they will try to trade with and attempt to persuade others that they are in fact an Angel or at least the injured party. Whilst they may be able to convince other humans that they are in fact the very elixir or essence of roses, does karma buy this kind of crap?

I think not.

Karma knows when you are not accepting your role in things and if you try to blag your way out of it, karma does not like this. All over the world people try to foist the responsibility for their actions, thoughts and words onto others.

In human world it might temporarily work. They can then go about their socio-political machinations.

But to my eyes they are storing up what I term karmic submarines.

It is impossible to persuade those who want to try to “get away with it” in human terms, that they are in fact being stupid.