Not Ordinary – The Owl and The Bat Cushion

This morning before I notcied the owl impact, I was trying to gather some ideas about noticing the things in life which are not ordinary. I was speculating on how many of the people who were at the same place as I when I did my Ph.D. have had successful academic careers, me not. During my Ph.D. I had six articles published, one NATO ASI conference proceeding and five in peer reviewed journals. Based on this people might have imagined that I was more likely to have a big career than others. It did not turn out like that. I’ll expand tomorrow.

If you look at the image above you can discern two small wings oriented vertically, near the centre of the screen. A bat was flying right to left.

I think this image is an owl catching a bat in flight and then ramming into our window. The bat is acting a bit like an airbag. Which accounts for the lack of an owl corpse and the fact that our window is not broken. We have a few fruit bats here and some of them get into the house. They can get trapped and have been known to freak the wife out.

This occurrence counts as something not ordinary and I have taken note. All day yesterday we were getting crow action, the same thing has happened today. I do not know of any other owl – window interactions like this, it is more than a tad unusual.

Something is afoot…

I have just had my putative basal cell carcinoma removed and I await the histology.

What a weird day…