The 99% Rule

This rule is very helpful and in many ways.

The rules says that 99% of people think only of themselves 99% of the time.

It is of course a slight over statement, but the principle is valid and applicable. This means most people rarely ponder on what the implication(s) of their wants, actions, desires and “needs” etc. are on others. They are focussed only on what it means for them and on what is “in it” for them. It is a way of saying people tend towards selfishness and not selflessness.

Companies, businesses and organisations are not as altruistic as they might want us to think. Good PR is of course important for brand image and hence revenue. A warm heart is not needed for a fast buck.

The rule also suggests that people will miss whatever it is you might do, say or arrange, because they are self-absorbed, they can miss marvellous acts of wonder and magic happening under their very nose.

For example, when I asked that VC if he believed that he deserved the lion’s share of equity at a funding round, I was not asking him to justify his position but to discern from the tone of his response if he really was a greedy and avaricious man. His response reeked of greed and justification, so I thought “foxtrot this for a game of soldiers” and gave my shares back. It never, not for one nanosecond, occurred to him that my question was a part of a decision-making process, which led directly to my exit and indirectly to his loss of investment.

The 99% rule applied.

Another aspect of the 99% rule is that if you worry about what other people think of you, you can invoke it. 99% of people think only of themselves 99% of the time. Ergo it is unlikely that they are really thinking about you a lot, they are more concerned with their own sphincter so you can chill out and stop worrying so much.

This morning I got an email from the Times Higher saying that the Global University Rankings were out. I followed the link, but the web site was having difficulties because thousands of people were checking their position in the league table to see if they had gone up or down. The first port of call is where are we and then one has a look where the “competition” is.

It is really funny for me now that I don’t care where my previous institutions are anymore.  I have worked at / for four of the top four UK universities, if only briefly in some cases. The place I did my Ph.D. at was totally niche with the highest per capita Nobel Laureate number density anywhere in the world.

I like the word institution because it has a hint of insanity to it.

Wow, far out man!!

Today I went to the beach and put up a moveable partition.

I have just found out that there is a specialist Lasers and Optics recruitment consultancy here in France. There are some jobs going where one has to speak top notch English. I had a fleeting thought to bash off a CV. But then I thought I would, in so doing, be causing them a problem.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot do I do with a CV like that?

So, 1% of the people do think about others at least some of the time…