The Surveillance Culture

This morning as I lay have awake, I began to wonder,” exactly where is the world headed?”

A large American sate has just passed laws enabling everyone to openly carry a handgun and to forbid abortion past six weeks offering a bounty to anyone reporting someone intending to abort. To my mind this is illogical. If life is sacred enough to ban abortions surely it is also sacred enough to ban guns. But this is typical of the insular blindness and lack of self-awareness in the USA. It does not care what the rest of the world thinks of it. It seems to me that the USA is on a downward spiral.

The legislators in Texas are encouraging neighbours to spy on each other. Will we be back to the days of the wild west when wanted posters for a woman seeking an abortion are put up around town and bounty hunters get deputised to capture them and bring them in on a horse? Will it be OK to lynch a woman for wanting an abortion in the fullness of time?

People already spy on each other like never before. There are these camera doorbells, dash cams and in the UK ANPR cameras. I remember a time when the tactics of the Stasi were frowned upon here in the west, where a party member might live in an apartment block and people would grass on others to them.

I have a T-shirt which says, “GCHQ always listening to our customers”. From time to time it draws a wry smile from others and in so doing it identifies them as British and/or Information Technology workers. One guy in Malta, actually slowed his car down so that he could read it better.

We have shit loads of data.

At the time of Christ, the world population is estimated at 190 million, at the time of Buddha 150 million. Now it is getting close to 8 billion. That is a humongous amount of data, especially given that many of that number have smartphones and even computers.

If you look at this GIF, what do you see?

I see a world blowing up like a balloon which sooner or later will burst.

To my eyes there is an inevitability we must sooner or later have a mass dis-incarnation event of considerable proportion. The black death in the 14th century did for a fair percentage of the population.

We can monitor climate change with an accuracy hitherto fore impossible. But that is what we like to do monitor and surveillance. Do we do anything? Well not much. There is a lot of handwringing, but do we ease up on the materialism personally, no. The government will sort it out…

Blavatsky wrote at a time, world population ~1.5 billion, when the ideas about the world were changing very fast. London was a hotbed of exploration and people {those with money} were interested in a whole bunch of stuff. I think that the degree of interest has waned partially due to the opiates of Netflix and Amazon. In America we have the polarisation of an advanced scientific society and the ardent believers of the Abrahamic version of “Christianity”. We have “Christian” fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalists at loggerheads. Both perhaps claiming divine inspiration.

Science has perhaps, at least for now, won the science or religion debate. As a consequence, humanity is in a cul-de-sac of concrete mind and thereby lower manas. It says I like it here; it makes sense. I am NOT going to let my soul drive the vehicle.

It does not take a genius to note the number density of natural disasters is on the up. From the point of view of the sustenance of life we have been “lucky” Sars-CoV-2 has been relatively benign and not all that transmissible. A change of a factor of ten upwards of either or both of these would have truly decimated the world population and economies. The deaths from hunger and war could have gone sky high.

I see this as a warning shot by the planet to us.

But we are so complacent watching and keeping things under surveillance. When then do we reach the critical point, the point of no return? Certain leaders were very reticent about initiating lock downs. That same reticence is being shown in respect of climate change. People want to be popular and not draconian.

When will it be too late?

Will we have a governmental review as we try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

Will there still be elections to win and parliamentary seats to be had?