Genetic Discrimination – A Possibility?

I have been speculating a little on the future. The future as dramatized in Logan’s Run {see a couple of posts back} seems quite contrary to what is happening in the west. We might call this the Grey Crisis and no I am not talking about aliens a.k.a. the grays. The population is ageing and as a consequence the medical bills are rising, soaring even. We can say that our generation not only foxtrotted up the planet but now we want the “youth” still in work to pay for our health and social care too! To my eyes they have every right to be pissed off with us.

We could have a schism along the lines of age.

We, the ageing, still have some power and the dystopian imagination could have some kind of old fart vampirism where we, the old farts, are plugged and plumbed into a “youth” to keep us alive in some bizarre form of pseudo-symbiosis.

This afternoon we were up at the hospital for the wife to get an X-ray. For once it was my turn to wait outside in a covid secure way. I got to watch the comings and goings. There were a lot of greys {vide infra}. We were still close to the bottom of the age range of the clientele. And when we metaphorically said au revoir, I knew we would be back there and with an increasing frequency.

If you think about it genetic discrimination is already here, it is called racism and/or anti-ginger sentiments.

That kind of discrimination does not need a PCR test. Never before in human history has humanity taken so many PCR tests. We have become quite accustomed to them. I had one. People also do DNA testing for tracking down ancestry. The child support agency in the UK does paternity testing as a matter of routine before chasing either the actual or supposed fathers for maintenance payments. Genetic medicine is here. Any close blood relative of mine has an enhanced risk of colon cancer. People with certain genes have a higher chance of breast cancer and some choose prophylactic mastectomy. Your genome contains many pointers at your putative futures.

If you are, for example, a competitive and ambitious person and you believed that your genetic make-up might offer you an advantage in a job interview then it is not beyond the bounds of belief that you might submit to the collection of your DNA. There could be a “black market” in pre-interview DNA testing. Recruitment consultants or head-hunters might scan DNA databases to find the ideal candidate. If you were appointing say a proto professor to bring in a large and continuous amount of research income, you would not want one who would croak it late forties, before her most revenue generating years.

If you were offered a, let’s say £250k job, and as a part of the recruitment process you had to submit to DNA profiling, would you go for it?

Science fiction can point at future realities…

Never before in human history has humanity taken a so many PCR tests…they could become even more common in years to come.

A conspiracy theorist might say covid was a pretext for mass DNA testing and profiling…I very much doubt this is the case.

We already have biometric passports and now vaccination passports…

What a brave new world we live in…