Heartache and Cancer

From time to time I read headlines along the lines of “Devastating Cancer Diagnosis”, “Heartache of Cancer Diagnosis”, “Devastated by the Loss of X to Cancer”, “Fighting a Brave Battle Against Cancer” and “Y Finally Loses the Battle to Cancer and Dies at a Heartachingly Young Age of 57”.

I wonder to myself if I am from another planet. None of this resonates in anyway with my own experience. I know they are headlines.

I wasn’t devastated by my cancer diagnosis; I had symptoms and knew there was a likelihood. When I saw my tumour, I did not freak. Not once did I imagine myself engaged in a “battle” with cancer. OK I did not get chemotherapy.

How can people be “devastated” by somebody else dying of cancer? If they have cancer, there is a good chance that they will die from it, so why the devastation?

I am aware that I will die, and I am not afraid of this. I am more afraid of having a stoma bag than death itself…

Do you see what I mean about being from another planet, maybe the planetary scheme around Sirius, if there is one.

I don’t get it…