Breton Lessons, Bamboo, and a Weird Dream

The weather forecasters here often get it slightly wrong because things are very changeable. This morning we had some rain, some thunder and the odd bit of lightning. The garden is much in need of rain. The Meteo guys had said there would be a lot, but there wasn’t. As a consequence, it was safe to get back into the river to carry on with the bamboo maintenance. The bank is now uncovered and there is one more days’ work to go. It is quite satisfying.

This morning we signed up for a year’s worth of Breton lessons. We may provide novelty value. The wife is a linguist, and I am an ex-boffin, we are in a largely agricultural area, it will be interesting to see what happens. I have never tried to learn a third language in another language which I have not mastery over. Old dog, new tricks?

We have more mole sign, so I have a fair idea what I am doing tomorrow morning…

Something unusual happened last night, the wife and I both dreamed about the same person! In my dream this person received an official letter, which in a way referred to me. Ergo in the dream this person was pissed off with me and otherwise displeased. The dream suggested that she had not followed the correct protocol for something. It is entirely possible from my knowledge of said individual that she might try to bend the rules, to cut corners even stretch the truth. The dream suggested that things were not going according to her terms, that she was in trouble perhaps.

It could be as a result of me now being fully integrated into all the French admin. systems. The dual dreaming suggests that something is up, who knows what.

We shall see if anything else transpires…