Possible Email Shenanigans

This morning I received an email alleging to be from someone who does have my email address. However, the name and the sender email account did not match. So, it went to junk.

The email in polite French said that it wanted to converse with me about a sensitive issue by email.

I replied in French suggesting a meet up, instead.

Another email arrived with the same “name” but a similar yet different email address.

This email spoke of a cancer diagnosis and was asking me to do a favour, by email only.

In the email {in French} there was a lot of technical jargon about cancer and medical physics diagnostics. I had to learn about these to teach high school physics.

I have replied in English questioning some of the technical stuff. They said that they were due a PET scan. A quick google search suggests that these are expensive.

Specific PET Scan Procedures and National Cost Averages

Procedure                                                                                           Price Range

Whole Body PET Scan Cost Average                                         $3,300 – $12,000

PET Scan (Skull to Mid-Thigh) Cost Average                           $3,200 – $12,700

PET Scan (Chest to Head Neck) Cost Average                        $3,000 – $10,700

PET Scan Heart Cost Average                                                      $2,850 – $24,200

PET Scan Brain Cost Average                                                       $2,250 – $10,700

I wonder where this might go from here…

The next response, if there is one, should be definitive.