Twenty Years Ago

Today we went for a walk up on the coast.

20 years ago, I was working at Imperial College in London. I was engaged in a spin-out laser company, a lecturer in physical chemistry and the nominal “lead” of a group of people working with the Toltec teachings and Théun Mares. The idea was ultimately to join the USA and UK groups into one because of the shared 2nd ray soul ray. The USA and the UK, representing respectively love and wisdom, two halves of a whole.

When I got into work that day. I started to have bad feelings of foreboding. Something was going down. I felt discombobulated and anxious for no apparent reason. It got worse and worse.

So late morning I left work and headed home. I really was starting to feel unwell.

I made it home to my flat in Brixton, which I had not long bought after the separation from my then wife. There was no TV, she got that.

I went to bed and did multiple sessions of dreaming practice to calm myself.

Early afternoon I had a ‘phone call from a group member outlining the attacks in the USA.

It made sense of the strange feelings I was having.

Something devastating was happening.

Then a few weeks later I flew into JFK, to be greeted by the leader of the USA group in a near deserted airport to head for a retreat in upstate New York. The Man Behind the Scenes, like Silvio Manuel, materialised behind me as if by magic.

In the car driving north was Leonardo, me, Théun and his Man of Action, Russell.

In the Autumn upstate New York is truly magnificent.

On the way we drove past where the twin towers used to be.

When we got there a westerly stalker of Russian extraction wanted me to read some Rumi out loud.

There is something about received pronunciation that those the other side of the pond, enjoy.

And now I am here…

What a strange thing life is…