Zürich Theosophy Dream 13-9-21

Here is this morning’s dream. When I got up, I typed Zürich Theosophy into Google and found that someone has done a Ph.D. thesis on the Theosophical movement and one of her examiners was at ETH Zürich. I shall have a quick scan of it later.

I am in a room with several people my age and older. I know them to be theosophists. I am saying to them that the age range is high and that on average they are older than me. What are they doing to try to attract a younger audience? They show me an App. on a computer. I try to get it to open but fail. They say that I need a code. They give me four groups of two numbers 53, 29 and I forgot the other two. This opens an application in which one can read various Theosophical Society documents online, in an archival style.

I say that I need to go to Zürich Theosophy, Theosophy Zürich. They say that I don’t have to as there are Theosophical groups here in France. {The conversation is entirely in English}. I am adamant I have to go to the Zürich branch because I am missing Switzerland a little. Apparently, I have something for them.

I awake and think, “that was weird and out of the blue.”

Around 19 years ago I attended one meeting of the Theosophical Society in England in Gloucester Place. The talk was well presented and clear, but the whole thing was a bit too “nice cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich” for my liking. I was more Stella Artois and Marlboro Lights at the time.

Much later I had some small interaction with Theosophy Cardiff who were a bit less starchy.