First Coffee for 18 Months…

This morning we sat down at an alfresco table in the main square of our local town. On it was a discreet note saying please show your proof of vaccination before ordering. The young lady came up with her smartphone, scanned the QR codes and took our order. It was the first time we ordered anything at a café for 18 months. One still has to wear masks outside in busy town centres, when walking around. But there was no hassle, it was simple enough.

An older man tipped up and he loaded his proof of vaccination up on his smart phone and the lady had phone to phone interaction with him. There were two Brits sat nearer the café one of them with an aperitif at 10:30 AM.

Recently Ursula von der Leyen outlined a new EU semiconductor initiative in which the EU will work together to build semiconductor capacity. It is unwise to strategically depend on China and Taiwan for semiconductor chips. If China does to Taiwan what it did to Hong Kong the chip supply would dry up. The EU has all the skill sets necessary to design chips and run fabrication plants, FABs. There are some operational.

This graphic from the FT speaks volumes.

The USA let its allies down in Afghanistan.

The UK does not do any significant semiconductor production.

Australia has some semiconductor minnows.

I am concerned at the move outlined in the previous post.

I was sat in a nice square and my background processor was whirring away. I am not sure that the UK government really “gets” technology nor the scale thereof.