Strange Dream, Waders, A Magnifying Glass and Heel Lifts

It has been an odd day so far. It started in a most unusual way. I had a very prolonged dream concerning someone I have not spoken to/with in over fifteen years. When I last knew him, I thought him to be kind, generally nice but a tad undecisive and chaotic. This person, J, was on my “one of the good guys” mental list. In this dream he sought me out because he was being investigated for some form of corruption or malpractice. Because of my prior role in pastoral care, I am good at listening and my confidentiality is very confidential. If students faced a tribunal, it was me that prepped them and assisted their defence, often. In this dream J discusses with me at some length how he should present his evidence what angles might work, and things he should not say. The dream, in dreamtime, was long. I can’t remember any of the details, now.

When I woke, I thought to myself that was weird! If J is being investigated for something dodgy my guess would be that he had done something by accident and not artifice. We were not exactly close, acquaintances yes. A while back I had another “corruption” type dream in which the ex-wife had done something iffy.

Are things coming home to roost?

It has been puzzling me on and off all day.

During the last bamboo session in the river, the leak in the right leg of the waders got worse and one appeared in the left leg too. By the time I had finished I had a litre or so of water in each boot. It is surprisingly hard to walk on dry land in waders which are full of water, especially if you have a gammy hip. We don’t know how old they are. So, it not surprising that they have started to perish. I did some research, and we went this morning to the local Decathlon store. This store is pretty impressive it covers all sports, hunting, fishing etc.. I tried on and subsequently bought a new set of chest high waders. We will need them for pond maintenance a little later on in the year. Not bad for 45 euros.

A while back I made my first proper “nanna” purchase it is a magnifying glass with a dual lens 3x and 45x magnification. It has an on-board LED light to provide a few extra photons. It is brilliant for reading batteries, electronic fuses, best before dates and expiry dates. So, I have done a clean out of the medicine cabinet. By definition anything which has Boots or Waitrose on it is about three years old. I am not so worried about lotions but stuff you swallow needs to be checked. The labelling in France is smaller than the UK so this device is a god send.

And now I have finally gone a done it, I have ordered some heel lifts at 5mm and 10mm to go in my left shoe to see if they help with my gait, which is still a tad spastic. I treated myself to some spongy trail running shoes today too, at Decathlon. The idea is to see if I can ease the juddering in my pelvic girdle when we walk on cobbles etc.

Bit of an odd day…