Differing Views

The awkward AUKUS agreement has shown that countries can have a very different notion of what relationship means. From my point of view, I can’t believe that nobody pointed out that the acronym itself sounded awkward, awks. They could have chosen another one.

Boris is claiming that the UK is a strong ally of France, and the French are saying that there is little trust between Britain and France, between the UK and the EU. There are sections of the UK press entirely devoted to EU bashing and lording it up over France.

In a relationship it takes two to tango.

In his personal life Boris is not known for his longevity of loyalty and perhaps he brings a similar use and discard approach to his view of geopolitics.  

Some elements of the UK press are saying that France should stop sulking and get over it.

If two people are in a relationship and one says everything is hunky-dory whilst the other says there is a lack of trust, who is blind? Who is deluded?

If you petition for a very long and protracted divorce, do you really expect to be bezzy-pals after that. What you might tolerate in a marriage, you no longer have to when divorced.

In 2019 there were a quarter of a million Chinese students in Australia, that number is down by 100,000 in 2021.

Today on Sky they were asking some Canadians, members of the five eyes grouping, how they felt about being left out of this awkward trilateral and quasi-secretly discussed pact. Because of the artic and ballistic missile defence, Canada is strategically very important to the US of A.

The situation is more complex than a PR stunt and warrants a lot more thought.

I think that the UK is getting close to running on borrowed time. It runs a risk of getting near zero cooperation from a number of parties. Piss people off and they stop cooperating.

Listening to the UK government minister making placatory assurances about the gas supply being secure, reminded me of when they said Covid is just like flu. It is very patronising and not very alert.

There, there, don’t worry. There is no crisis…

In discussion with the wife, I suggested that perhaps the EU should start to cosy up to Russia. France and Russia have long history; Scotland and France an even longer one.

If your neighbour, the other side of the fence says there is a problem and you don’t buy it, who is more accurate?

All that niggling about boat loads of refugees in the channel will die back a bit as the weather gets worse. It will resurface next year, perhaps augmented by more Afghans.

Not everybody likes bluster, BS and half-baked assertions.

Some people find this hard to believe.