How many iPhones per tonne of carbon dioxide?

Around 13 iPhones produce one tonne of emitted carbon dioxide during their lifetime.

This number is surprisingly small.

See the data from Apple below.

Around 80% of that comes from production.

This means that upgrading your ‘phone just to be cool and on trend is an environmentally hostile act!!

How cool is that?

Look at my groovy new ‘phone I have just added another 80kg of carbon dioxide, aren’t I the dog’s bollocks?


Excerpted from honest mobile .com

“It’s impossible to imagine a world without mobile phones, but it’s easy to overlook the impact that using your smartphone is having on our planet.

We’ve taken a look at the carbon impact of owning a few different phones over their lifetime.

The carbon footprint of smartphones is broken into two main areas:

    Manufacture of the phone

    Using and charging the phone

1.  the carbon footprint of manufacturing a phone

There are a few different elements that make up the carbon footprint of manufacturing a handset. We need to consider the materials used (such as rare earth metals), the energy used to run the factory and the transportation of components, packaging and the final products.

what does this look like over our lifetime?

Based on these values, let’s assume the carbon footprint of the average mobile phone is 70 Kg of CO2 each year.  {This estimate implies a change of ‘phone every year so it is off}

The average person in the UK is expected to live to the age of 81, and the average child gets their first phone at the age of 10. So, the average Brit has a phone for about 71 years which equates to 4,970kg of CO2. That’s equivalent to flying from London to New York 7.5 times.

This doesn’t sound too bad, but remember, there are over 5 billion mobile users worldwide.”


This afternoon I was pondering about how we can stop global warming in its tracks.

There are two obvious solutions:  a fair-sized thermonuclear war and a truly massive volcanic eruption, both filling the planetary atmosphere with dust. That should do the trick and may also reduce the population to nearer a sustainable level.

Oh yeah, your phone puts nearly as much carbon dioxide in terms of mass into the atmosphere as my mass. I am 95kg. That is shit loads of carbon dioxide.