It Is Not Important It Is Just A Minor Detail

Some people tend to miss details because they do not deem them important and sometimes that lands them in the sierra, neck deep.

“Don’t let a tiny detail spoil a wonderful idea…”

“Don’t be a killjoy for pointing things out…”

I know someone who is of an entrepreneurial bent. She was always having “brilliant” ideas and on occasion she would discuss them with me. In nearly every case there was a glaring “show-stopper” which she had failed to see. There are many people like this who do not think things through properly. They can get aroused, turned on, by an idea and blind to any of its pitfalls or consequences. They may be confident that they can wing it.

If I understand it correctly Boris’ tunnel to Ireland has now been scrapped.

We have been for a walk along a river this afternoon, partially to try out my heel lift. The weather is nice and the spot beautiful. It wasn’t until we reached the end of the walk that we saw another human being. The roads are empty, and it took us 15 minutes to get home. I turned on the computer and looked at some online newspapers.

The big supermarkets in South Wales have run out of petrol. People are driving onto motorways to fill up. There are pictures of empty supermarket shelves. It looks like things are going pear shaped in blighty. “Don’t worry we can wing it. Let’s make a plan on the back of a fag packet and tell people not to panic buy.”

{If a politician tells you not to panic buy, what would you do?}

Both of us have the sentiment that we are glad we are not in the UK now.


“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

― Dalai Lama XIV


I don’t know if people who voted for Brexit thought for one moment what the consequences might be. Some of them are starting to manifest, there will be others. Causing ill-will can backfire.


I don’t think some people appreciate how they have mis-calculated the magic of their entitlement. Not everybody thinks the British {English} are great. The English are associated with perfidy and games of political silly buggers. After a while nobody wants to play with people like that. They may think they are great but that is a self-diagnosis. The Brits have shafted loads of other countries for hundreds of years. If you call your nearest neighbour names in the schoolyard, are they really going to want to buy your financial services or send their youth to your expensive visa laden universities?

It is not important it is just a minor detail we are Global Britain…doh…

British news is very parochial, very. It is of an insular and autoproctological nature.

There is a chance that things really have to go down the pan for the Brits to learn, to acquire just a soupcon of humility.