Blood in the Passage and a Mink

I have had a bit of a strange start to the day. The trap down by the river has what looks like a mink in it. Quite why a mink would go after an apple is a mystery. I have seen mink there, by the river, before. We have called the trapper to release it. The European mink is down as extinct in these parts so it is most likely an American import. Minks of the US variety are invasive and have been seen in Brittany often. Not sure what the trapper will do.

There is a passageway which runs from our back door to the bitumen and the garages. This morning I noted some relatively fresh blood on the floor. Unless someone is doing something ultra-weird like daubing blood in our passageway, we have had some injured animal there during the night. I can’t see any corpses. We do get foxes and owls.

Today it seems I am back to Buddhist suttas. I noted something in “Le Chamanisme” by Eliade talking about Buddha taking seven steps only seconds after birth. I wanted to check the original reference sutta 123 in the Majjhima Nikaya. This version was published in Kandy and the Pali-English dictionary was used. The wife’s mother’s pen friend’s dad helped in its construction.

Sutta 124 is the Bakkula Sutta, and it seems my thread of investigation has led me back there. It suggests that Bakkula gained nibbana / nirvana at the ripe old aged of 160 having come to the path late in life at 80. His Nibbana caused his body to be consumed in flame.

A bit of an odd start to the week.