Dreams and Alternate Realities

The physical plane, here and now reality is pretty simple. We took the Peugeot up to the garage this morning because it is poorly and has been eating quite a bit of money on its hospital repairs. There will come a time when it is not cost effective to fix at which point, we will get some kind of electric vehicle. It is extremely rare for us to travel more than 200km in a day, in fact we have only done that twice since we arrived here. That is twice in nearly three years. The new vehicle will be one of our last ever two cars {probably}. The Peugeot 207 is 10 and the Clio is 16. In the UK you would call the latter a shed, it blends in nicely here.

The apple brew from earlier has started to ferment nicely. In a while we will go to our first class in Breton. We will pop into the supermarket to buy some exercise books. I don’t know if we will need to wear masks or not in the class. We have Covid vaccination certificates. We shall start to learn Breton in French. The wind is picking up and it will probably tank it down later.

This morning I had yet another bizarre technical dream in which someone was asking me about some device on a tiny printed circuit board. Incorporated on it were some optical waveguides and tiny light sources.

Far out.

Then I was talking with someone who has become a prof. at my old college. I haven’t spoken to or thought about this person for nearly 20 years. Why now is she appearing in my dreams? Also, another older male prof. was there too. I think I last saw him at St. Pancras Eurostar ~12 years ago. There was something to do with magnets in the head.

Why is this breakthrough from my prior “incarnation” occurring?

Likelihood says that we will stay here, not moving far or even taking holidays, working in the garden, doing the DIY until we are just too knackered to cope with the workload. We will learn Breton, meet a few locals and when the time is right sell up and move to a nanna flat up on the coast.

That is what it looks like in my crystal ball.