Steaming and Three Little Birds

Mgh – I have just shifted about 2000kg of wet grass cuttings through an average height of over one metre against planetary gravity with an estimated efficiency of less than 20% which means I am both knackered and will no doubt be hungry. Interestingly I was using a heel lift in my left boot and my hips feel much better than when I last did this. In the soft autumn sunshine both the grass cuttings and I were steaming. The sweat was dripping into my eyes.

There are probably one or at most two mows left before winter. I will have to do this perhaps one more time this year. It is a damn fine work out.

Whilst I was up there, in the orchard, three little birds were in the oak and the cherry tree only a couple of metres from where I was using the pitchfork. There were chirping away, having a nice chat to each other for most of the time I was there. They did not seemed to be at all bothered by me. A thrush came along and perched very close. It watched me for a while and then went off about its business. For some reason I was blended in with the goings on

In the periphery of my mind, in a land far away, I saw three other little birds talking amongst themselves. Their song was not so pleasant to the ear.

We are finally getting used to the sheer scale of things here. Our next purchase will probably be a small trailer for the sit-on lawn mower. Walking 80 metres at a time with a full wheelbarrow is a tad too much for an autumnal chicken.


That is a nice feeling in the shoulders…

Should sleep well tonight.