Outside the shop

the pregnant mother

reaches down into

the pushchair

for her cider

and her fags


She squeezes through

the supermarket doors

sparks up

and opens a can;

that will tide her over

until the methadone


Home now in the UK

safe at last

as she exhales

she scratches the scars

on her face,

they still itch


It has been a long trip

since the camps

the camps in


though the sweats

still come at night


BMW 4X4 lady

looks down at her


Doesn’t she

know how to wash,

or comb her child’s hair?


Calmer now

the pregnant woman

makes her way

to the bus stop

time to go home

to day time TV


The clinic opens

its doors at four

and she and Angelica

must wait a while,

then alphabet spaghetti

on toast for tea


Later little Angelica will come

with her to the call centre

they have a cot there

and all the callers

like her foreign voice

to whisper to them

as they manually work


Better than Bosnia

but only just,

on the bus now

another can

and the numbness

eases shoulders


She is Taboo

ostracised from

ostrich society

almost invisible;

But for the grace of God

there go I


Writes cataracts

in eyes

and all the juries

have her condemned

… …already


She has broken Taboo by still living

…  …. and that, will never, ever, do.