Three Dreaming Segments 29-9-21

These came the morning after we had our first social encounter in over a year, a Breton language class. After near two hours of listening to French at high muzzle velocity and Breton I was a little shell shocked.

The first segment is set in Bern and was largely in German hoch-deutsch. I am with a group of people, and we are having German lessons in a building near the centre of Bern and hence the bahnhof. We are discussing how one might get to Manchester by a certain time the next day and looking at both flight and train schedules. The people there are suggesting that one could get a train to Zurich airport fly to London and then get a train to Manchester. They do not appreciate that to get from any of the London airports to the train station to Manchester is not as simple as it would be in Switzerland. UK transport is not so well configured. I suggest that the better way might be to get a train to Zurich and then a flight to another airport like Amsterdam Schiphol and then catch a flight from there. They think that this would be too expensive. I suggest to them that they are unfamiliar with UK train prices which are high…

Dream fades.

I am with P and J and J’s children. J’s children are much younger than they would be now. With them is a dog, an Alsatian. The Alsatian is a bit nervous. I go over to it and inspect it. I notice that is has a wound on its tail which is open and seeping. I say that it needs to see a vet. There are some small white worms in the wound. In the meantime, I dress the wound with some light-coloured clay. I then start phoning around for a vet. Although the dog is unwell J’s children will not leave it alone and continue to play with it in a noisy and energetic manner. I say for them to leave it alone. Apparently, it is vital for the dog to get fixed because P paid £21,000 for it. They both share the dog, P&J. I continue to phone around and find that the nearest vet is a long way away.

Dream fades.

I am in my house and there is a need for me to go to pick up a mattress the following day. I call C and ask him if he would help, he says yes. I say that I will drop by to his house on the way. The next morning, I awake, and C and S are at the door of the house. The house is very much like the one we used to share in Kingsbury as Ph.D. students. I cannot easily get to the door because there is a large puddle of brown floodwater in the hallway. I edge to the door on the shallow side, open it and beckon them in. We shake hands.  I say that I am surprised to see them. They are anxious to get going but I suggest a coffee first. I go into the slightly messy kitchen find a cafetiere and put the kettle on.  As I do this, I suggest that they take a look around the house. S does this and comments that it is a nice house. In the dream I know that it a bit odd for theme to be appearing in my dream, whilst the segment about language classes seems quite natural.

Dream ends.