Is This Taboo?

This morning I had a dream in which the person I did my 3rd year undergraduate project with was discussing me with a number of other academics. There were discussing how many Ph.D. students I had had and how many postdoctoral workers. This is a bit odd. But it is not beyond the outer reaches of possibility that people might be discussing me.

I wonder do they not have anything better to do?

In the imaginary context of me still be employed at a famous university, it is likely that this blog is sufficiently taboo to have me warned, disciplined and perhaps even fired if I refused to take it down. We truly are in the world of social acceptability thought police, these days. Employers can and do monitor the online activities of employees.

The wife has had a dream about some potential “incoming” and we shall see if that materializes.

Is the blog taboo?

Am I as a being, taboo?

It seems to me that in some ways I might be.