Why all this Tibetan Stuff?

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, I had visions of myself dressed in Buddhist robes and was later “told” that I had had two lifetimes as a Buddhist monk / priest. The feeling behind these was that both of these lifetimes were before Buddhism came to Tibet. I haven’t been a Buddhist for more than ~1500 years.

In the early 2000s I had a strong urge to go to Bhutan and very nearly booked myself a visit. I had a really nice exchange with a guide there. Then I pretty much parked the Buddhist theme.

In I think it was ~2007 I was giving a series of courses at the Academy of Dreams and one of these was on the Art of Dreaming. A young man came along to this, and we struck up something of a relationship. To my eyes it was obvious that he was a stalking nagal’s courier. He had me come along to the Kagyu Dzong in London where I gave a short talk on Toltec dreaming. Later Akong Rinpoche was visiting, and I went along for White Tara and Guru Rinpoche empowerments. One monk who spoke with utter clarity said these empowerments are received at different levels according to ability. The empowerments had a shamanic ritual element to them, I could sense that I was not only interacting with one man but an entire Kagyu lineage dating back. At the time they were trying to organise a visit by HH Karmapa back then.

The nagal’s courier brought me towards Tibetan Buddhism…

Last night before I put up the post of HH Karmapa talking he was in my head and has been there on an off all day.

Do I still have any business with Tibetan Buddhism, some work to do?


My best guess is that I am an interfacial being. By this I mean I understand from a philosophical point of view a whole bunch of stuff, including Toltec Teachings, Esoterica and Buddhism and to boot I am actually a qualified scientist / experimentalist in Chemical Physics.

Maybe I just have to put all that stuff in the cauldron which is me, let it swirl about and write about it here or maybe I am fated to have some closer contact.

It is clear that HH Karmapa is important. You don’t get highly trained security guards of that calibre if you are a retired teacher living in rural Brittany.  So why have I had all these Tibetan Buddhism related dream unless….

{Thankfully we are now free thanks to the free Britney campaign.}