Strange Times and Back in Black

Each morning we watch a mixture of French and UK news. There is no doubt we are currently in strange times and things are reported very differently over here. Here is the French government data for vaccination. It is simply given as matter of fact without much braggadocio, no showing off or fist pumping. The entire population of France is about 65.5 million.

We see people in the UK at Rugby Premier League matches, mask less.

And it seems that right now there are 1.3 million active cases of Covid there. With ~35,000 new cases a day.

Here people still wear masks and the infection rate for all of France is around 50, per 100,000 per week or ~3700 a day and falling.

That is a tenth of the UK rate and the cry “freedom from masks but get yourself a dose of plague” hasn’t echoed out yet.

It does seem odd to see people mask less at sardine events.

I am now back in black. Autumn is here so it is a black Marks and Spenser jumper and black Levi’s for next six months.

Our chainsaw has been poorly, and we shall pick it up from the chainsaw hospital this afternoon. We are probably going to buy a trailer for the sit on mower. That way as we do the autumn / winter tree prune / log prep it will make life easier for us.

There are now 30 litres of home brew bubbling away in demijohns and we might get another 5-10 litres of pear.

Trading in Evergrande stock has been suspended and the Chinese are overflying Taiwan. The Taiwanese have asked Australia for help…The Hang Seng is jittery.

There is a part of me that wonders if China is itching for war. It hasn’t been engaged in one for quite a while…

I wonder are there any more surprises left for this year?