Security Services Car in My Drive…

Pondering on this morning’s dream I remembered another one it had 18 in it.

Missing Person Dream 18-12-20

My run of strange dreams continues.

I am alone on a nice, wooded island in the middle of a freshwater lake. I am going about my business walking through the wood. I then, in the dream, get a very strong visual image of someone filing a missing person report about me. It is like a remote viewing. This missing person report will kick off an unneeded investigation into my whereabouts.

I decide that I must swim back to the mainland to say that I am not missing. I do not want the fuss to start. So, I go down to the water’s edge and jump in. The water is clear and quite warm. I start swimming a strong front crawl towards the mainland. I am enjoying the swim.

Dream ends”

If somebody official wanted to trace me, it would not be that difficult. I am on the records here; Tax, Health, Bank Account, Titre de Sejour and maybe soon a driving licence. The people at the IPO have my address, my UK bank helped organise this one. When we moved the Royal Mail had my forwarding address. We crossed the channel January 2019 in a completely orthodox way.

Why do I keep getting these security services vehicles in my dream?

The car, the state of awareness of the security services is parked in my drive….

Bizarre city Arizona.

Back in the UK, a number of years ago, an unmarked Land Rover parked just outside the farm. It had more aerials than most Land Rovers need. I watched from behind the curtain, three men dressed as UK soldiers in uniform got out and I could glimpse that the back of the Land Rover was jammed packed with electronic equipment.  They faffed around for a number of minutes. Then they drove off.

We were based near Odiham where there was a big air base full of chinooks. there were lots of military bases nearby, but none down our road.

Has somebody actually filled out a missing person report?

Beats me….