The Ducks Are Back and Bank Addresses

This morning near dawn I went out to empty the coffee grounds into the composter. And there they were, two boys and a girl swimming right next to the greenhouse. We haven’t seen them in months. Later on, today when I was circumambulating I saw movement in the swamp. I paused and looked, and there they were. So, the ducks are back hanging in our ‘hood.

When we got back from the appointment with the doctor, this time for the wife and not me, the heron was there on the bank too. Nature is coming back as it has done before in autumn and winter.

We have been trying very hard to get some plumbing work done. The plumber has not been very good at keeping us in the loop and we need that stuff sorted out before we turn the central heating on. It is not as if they keep fobbing us off there is simply silence.

So, we popped up to their office today. They kept us waiting for over half an hour. They have a deposit cheque  for 600 euros from my bank account on Avenue des Champs-Élysées, they have an email that starts with Dr and there is a part of me that thinks it is only now starting to trickle into their consciousness what they might be dealing with. On the wall in the antechamber, they have a lettered sign cut into 3mm thick steel. I said to the wife in their earshot, it looks, from the finish, that that was laser cut, perhaps from one of the lasers made by us.

This is maybe an example of people digging a hole, for themselves.

While the man who gave us a quote was being all vague to the wife and talking to her because she speaks French, he kept glancing at y ddraig aur on my t-shirt. He did not speak to me. This is rude.

I have a prediction that this could go pear shaped in ways that he has not yet imagined.