Covid Aftershock and Carbon Dioxide

Do people want to have their cake and eat it too?

The answer to this question is in many cases, yes.

Loads of people are saying that we must be carbon neutral by such and such a date and then out they go, and panic buy fuel. If the newspapers are to be believed China has just ramped up production of coal because of fuel shortage.

We may profess to want to stop global warming but then out we go and buy the iPhone 13.

Where do some of the components come from? Is it Narnia or China?

I have just watched a short documentary about people in the UK struggling financially in Glossop and Buxton near where I used to live. Despite all the hype from the Tory party my fear is that this is but the tip of the iceberg. The “post” Covid financial aftershock is only just beginning. Imagine if you will, the US of A defaulting on debt and what that might do to the already jittery share trading?

The world is much closer to that knife edge than it is prepared to admit.

People are saying that Putin should help the west out with spare gas. Do they forget that we have put tariffs and sanctions on Russia? What are they supposed to do, suddenly become our bezzy-mates, when we need it, when we say so? Are we entitled to Russian help?

If China invades Taiwan, it will have a huge share in the global semiconductor marketplace.  It could simply cut off supply. Then what would happen?

The fuel prices might become so high that it will prohibit the production of carbon dioxide. Food would go off. There will be no fertilizer, food production would plummet. Our houses will be cold, and we can sit there shivering playing with our outdated technology or stump up some cash to buy the latest Huawei or Lenovo.

It certainly looks like that line of dominoes is getting ready to fall…

So many governments have borrowed so much money in order to build a buffer against the collapse of economy. Many may find that they are unable to meet the requests of the loan sharks. When they default, who is going to bail them out?

From where I am sitting the world looks mighty creaky right now.

It is ironic that a shortage of a so-called greenhouse gas is such a destabilising thing. Les Echoes, a French financial newspaper, has had some nice commentary.

The answer is simple unless we, as a species, reduce our acquisitional materialistic consumption our attempt at stopping global warming will fail.

At least global warming will make it OK not to have the heating on in winter…