Six Wild Ducks!, a Tax Return and More Odd Dreams

This morning as I opened the volets and put the kettle on, I looked down to the bridge over Le Jaudy and there were not one or two but six wild ducks! I checked with the binoculars and there are four boys and two girls. Some of them maybe from last years hatching. There was not much light but here is an image taken from our kitchen window at the limit of the telephoto.

Now that we are moving into autumn we will be treated to more groovy light and “smoke on the water” on the pond, which might feature here in due course. Also, the morning chorus from the birds has started to ramp back up, it dies off a bit during summer.

When I have finished this I will do my French tax return. I got a reminder letter yesterday and have 30 days in which to act.

During the night I had a gatling gun set of high velocity dreams.

In one of these I am in a dormitory at Oxford University in one of the colleges. In the morning two students dressed in medieval style costume come into the room. They do a snippet of a play and then hold up the words of a song, which they proceed to sing trying to get myself and the others to sing. It goes down like a lead balloon.

I have various others.

Then I pick up a triangulation between three Oxford chemistry academics two male and one female Prof C. I looked her up and it seems that she has been awarded a major honour.

Then just before waking I am in an office with an English civil service type person, possibly intelligence related. He is conducting an in-depth vetting interview on me. He has a huge form and we are step by step filling in the boxes.

When I awake, I think shit not more of the vetting / secret squirrel type of thing.

Must dash the tax return is beckoning enticingly…