Bots, Bunny and Apple Sauce

Today I had seven hits from China which correspond to Baidu searches. Without doing any SEO I am now getting visits, probably web-crawling bots from Bing, Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and even AoL!

I wrote off to the author of the Nature article previous offering to be a Guinea pig and explained my background.

We were up in the orchard to see if we might harvest some more apples. And we have a new resident. There is a new clear rabbit hole up there. So, we have a resident bunny.

Of late we have been getting visits from a tabby cat too.

Earlier on four ducks were down on Le Jaudy and two were in the swamp. Four of them flew off. Two were chilled, a male and a female, probably the adults from last winter who are more used to us.

Right now, the house smells of cinnamon, apples and Breton cider. There is a batch of homemade apple sauce cooling in the kitchen. We will bag it into portion sizes and freeze most of it.

Upstairs around 5kg of apples are soaking in sodium metabisulphite solution to kill off any wild yeasts on their skins. Tomorrow they will get rinsed and chopped and put in an 12litre fermenting bucket to brew.

This year we had no plumbs, few apricots and very little cassis {blackcurrants}. There are still loads of apples. I am considering whether to invest in some more demijohns so that we can have another 20 litres on the go…

It hasn’t been a hot summer, but the apples seemed to have liked it…