Dreaming on the Telly

We had a bit of a nice surprise this morning. On Sky news Kay Burley said before an advertisement break that after it she would be speaking to someone who uses lucid dreaming to aid veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. The wife said, “that could be Charlie” and sure enough it was.

So, he was beamed into our living room for a few minutes courtesy of Sky.

He is the person I mentioned earlier in the blog who came to my course on The Art of Dreaming at The Academy of Dreams way back, and who introduced me to Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism. When I heard that he was doing this lucid dreaming – PTSD thing I thought it sounded like an excellent thing to try. He has visited us on the physical plane at our houses back in the UK a couple of times, no satellite dish required.

A brief search today and a book on interpreting dreams is on the front page of The Sun newspaper.

On an off the wife and I have discussed writing a book on the subject.

But there is a bit of a problem. That is if people are getting genuine guidance dreams and then fail to act on them, things can go pear-shaped quite quickly. Not all dreams have a tall and attractive stranger whisking you off on a white stallion so that you can be soul mates across multiple incarnations. There may be quite a lot of wishful thinking. 

It takes quite a while to tune into the dreams of another and intuit them with much accuracy.

I am wondering if the appearance of Charlie is a marker for something incoming. A while back I offered to speak at a workshop locally, but that was cancelled due to Covid. That was with a man who is connected to Charlie.

We shall see what if anything transpires…