Brezhoneg and Dreaming

We are now three classes in with our Brezhoneg or Breton lessons. They are about 90 minutes long and there are around 10 of us. The teacher is a trained singer so at some stage we get to sing in Breton. It is pretty strange learning a language in another one which you do not yet master. Some of the sounds are alien to the French but less alien to a Welshman. There is also some mild transference of vocabulary. Listening to two foreign languages with people firing off all around you for 90 minutes whilst trying to concentrate is a tad tyring. There is an added bonus of having lived as a recluse for such a long time, being around people is weird. By the time we get home we just want to sit quiet for a while. The last time I learned a language in evening class it was Hoch Deutsch at a language school in Bern.

Last night I had a night full of gatling gun dreams again.

The first one revolved around talking in Breton, French and German. There was recall from the lesson plus some “in the background” language processing. It seemed to go on for ever. I think whatever centres in my brain are used for language processing were a little over stimulated. My introverted intuition is already working on pattern forming and in the new language.

The second had me talking with president Macron, who was showing off.

The third one has me with a group of young French upper class intelligentsia in a palace like setting. They were doing some rite of passage and I was there as a visitor spectator.

Both of the above were entirely in French.

There was one about J who had been self-harming and she wanted me to fix her wounds which I did not because I could not.

There was a dream about a school parade with young children misbehaving.

Then there was a dream about postal security. This was set in the future, and one had to go into the post office to agree an upper limit on the value of parcel that one might order for insurance purposes. They would then hold a parcel for you and come round to do a free security check on your premises. This was partially in French, again the security theme.

On returning home our property was in a deluge of rain so that water was bouncing off the ground / grass. At the perimeter and in the next property the neighbour had a huge fire going which somehow did not go out in the rain.

Something is happening with my language centres if I am dreaming thus…