Adjusting to a New Reality

About 24 hours on from the bombshell, we are adjusting to the new reality. There is a hiatus and things are effectively on hold. I had assumed that I would be the first to go. That assumption is in the balance. I am guessing that by the end of the week we may have the biopsy information.

One thing is for sure there will be a lot more hospital visits and possibly some surgery on quite a short timescale. This means that the gardening is probably going to be down to me in the near term. We may be downsizing earlier that we thought, perhaps we should look into that nanna flat up at the coast.

It is exactly a year since I had a cigarette and for the first time yesterday, I was tempted.

It is her birthday and our wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

It is very different from when I was diagnosed. I saw the tumour on the computer screen and the action plan was clear expedite surgery by whatever means.

We will go up to the coast later because it is beautiful day.

A new strange reality with a great dollop of unknowns.