Moles and Medical Journal Articles

I have just about reached my limit on medical journal articles pertaining to bone cancer for today. It is a bit strange reading about what might happen to someone else. It was easier when it concerned me. There is a juxtaposition, high tech. journals this afternoon and this morning mole catching. This little blighter came over from the DMZ and is now in the vicinity of the pampas grass.  Judging from the size of tunnel this one is not a big specimen. There are now five traps out for it, and I will check again in six or seven days.

We have been having on and off difficult conversations, during the day, in order to get the vocabulary together for tomorrows GP appointment. The wife is having a nap now, the pizza dough is rising in the kitchen. I have had two major operations and three minor ones. My colon resection was around six hours, I was fully conscious for my hip pin insertion. I watched the technique of this on You Tube yesterday. I can still remember the judder of him going in with his power drill.  I have also has three polypropylene meshes inserted in my inguinal region and a tendon repaired in my thumb. I have now had general anaesthesia five time. Because I can detach well, I did not suffer much in terms of fear and catastrophising. I got the pain just like everybody does. I don’t wish it on anyone.

I have a fair idea of what may lie ahead now, and it is looking like we will be moving, selling our house with river frontage and three years hard labour in the garden. I am guessing that it is no longer a question of if, rather when. We could always pay someone to do some gardening, I suppose, in the short term. It would be a shame to let it fall back into disrepair.

We will find out what our tiny, mildly hyper, doctor has to say for herself tomorrow morning. I am guessing that any operation may be at one of the bigger towns, St Brieuc, Brest or even Rennes. Biopsy first, then either an operation or chemo followed by operation.

And less than sixty hours ago, none of this thinking was on the cards, so to speak…