The Wind is in the South

All day today and for the next few days we have a Southerly. You can almost smell warmer climes on the wind. By Wednesday they are saying gusts of 100kmh. That should remove leaves and perhaps provide some firewood.

The South is the place of dreaming and of the unknown. It is “home” to the nagal being and “where” the very cusp of the dream is located.

The wife mowed the lawns yesterday so they should be good for a month…

I have translated the radiographers report and we await an appointment for a puncture biopsy chez the oncologist. A few simple words hide a plethora of possibilities. There is good news and some not quite so good.

Primary bone cancers are rare <0.2%, secondary or metastatic ones are common. The degree is important here. The biopsy hopefully has some answers or at least clues.

The wife may be getting some Fluorine of atomic mass 18 in a “glucose” molecule – 18F-FDG. At 300 quid a pop.

The jewel of a nagal being is 18 – courage.

The positron emitter will annihilate a positron with an electron and produce two 511 keV gamma photons. 7 + 7 = 14 guidance + guidance = knowledge {new}

Creation / annihilation operators at work…back to the two lions in my dream??

I haven’t heard back from the IPO yet…

That would be freaky to put some patent stuff into the cauldron of the current time critical situation.

Who knows?

The mildly hyper medic is doing her best, she even showed a little more warmth than usual today. Things here are tricky to get started, but when they are all is good.

The petrol tank is full, and we will go wherever to get the biopsy done.

Step by step, pace by pace, in the now…