Is it all getting a bit biblical?

This from Reuters:

“The rapid shrinking of the last remaining glaciers in eastern Africa, which are expected to melt entirely in the near future, signals the threat of … irreversible change to the Earth system,” WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said in a foreword to the report.

It forecast that on current rates all three of Africa’s tropical ice fields – Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, Kenya’s Mount Kenya, and Uganda’s Rwenzoris – would be gone by the 2040s.

In addition, “By 2030, it is estimated that up to 118 million extremely poor people (living on less than $1.90 per day) will be exposed to drought, floods and extreme heat … if adequate response measures are not put in place,” the African Union’s Agriculture Commissioner Josefa Sacko said.

Africa, which accounts for less than 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, has long been expected to be severely impacted by climate change. Its croplands are already drought-prone, many of its major cities hug the coast, and widespread poverty makes it harder for people to adapt.

Apart from worsening drought on a continent heavily reliant on agriculture, there was extensive flooding recorded in East and West Africa in 2020, the report noted, while a locust infestation of historic proportions, which began a year earlier, continued to wreak havoc.

Reading the news, one gets a sense of growing global tensions. China the manufacturing power behind much western commerce is having power shortages. Where do all the Christmas toys come from? Its navy together with the Russian navy sailed through the straight of Japan. France is hinting that it might cut off the electricity supply to the UK over a few fishing licences. The UK is squabbling with the EU over the Northern Ireland protocol. Poland’s lawyers are not happy with the ECJ. Russia controls much of the methane gas supply to Europe. Apple is reducing sales of the iPhone 13 because of a lack of chips.

South America and Africa are largely being ignored, they don’t have any money.

And there is still a foxtrotting global pandemic going on.  ~50k cases a day in the UK.

If there was a volcanic explosion like Santorini what might that do? There are a lot more people now and we fly about in metal machines.

Is this squabbling and sabre rattling a direct result of being locked down, people are so bored that they want something to argue about?

Is that really it?

Bored people picking a fight?