Yellow Warning for Wind and Flooding

The Meteo has issued a warning for winds and flooding, to the west, at finis-terre, it is an orange warning. It is coming in off the Atlantic and the river, Le Jaudy, is already brown and well above its normal level.  The rain has settled in and is due to be with us for the next 24 hours or so.

Rain is the dreaming symbol for the process of life.

There is a full moon and a high tide up on the coast. This coupled with wind means that there could be an overspill.

The poplars, les soldats, are already swaying merrily. There are a couple of baby ones, which are positioned to replace others that have fallen previously. They are all with leaf. The baby ones are bending quite a lot. With leaf and high wind is not a good combination.

I guess I’ll pop down to do river-watch a bit later. In truth there is nothing we can do when the river is in flood. It is a force of nature.

No new mole sign, which might mean I have caught another mole.

The GP is trying to fix a biopsy and perhaps a PET scan at a specialist oncology clinic 40km away near St Brieuc. It is about 40 minutes’ drive from here.

I am getting a feeling that we might get to know the way there and back.

The thing about the PET scan is that they need to schedule a whole bunch of them for the day that they get the delivery of labelled molecules. Otherwise, they “go off”. The half-life of fluorine 18 is about two hours. This means that one needs to get busy quickly and that by eight hours later there is not much radionuclide left. This is good for the patient…

The wife had to update the details on her life insurance policy yesterday… they were in one of her previous names…a tad macabre way to spend an afternoon.

Time to baste the chicken and the roasties…

I am also trying to roast turnip…we shall see if that is a good idea or not…