A Lot of Uncertainty

I sit here and hear British politicians on the TV suggesting that up to 100,000 cases of Covid 19 per day is OK. I think to myself; “what planet are they on?” That means in two weeks there will be ~1.5 million cases sampling the virus mutation potential energy hypersurface. It seems remarkably reckless to me. The UK gave the world the Delta variant and now there is another variant of the Delta variant. Just so long as the NHS isn’t overwhelmed everything is dandy. The rest of the world can sod off.

Just like in the USA mask wearing has become a “political” statement.

Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra

Anyway, at last we have an appointment for the wife’s biopsy and a few days after that we might know a little more. There is a lot of uncertainty and we have provisionally scoped out some scenarios. When we think about a possible UK option, there is all the hype and bullshit. There is a lot of traffic, and everyone is jammed in on top of each other. There is no space. It is not attractive.

Because it is out of season, we might be able to rent a coastal flat nearer the hospital, if that is needed.

I joked with the hairdresser the other day that we were in a traffic jam at the roundabout to the motorway. We had to wait a whole 2 minutes in a queue. Shocking!!

It is all a bit up in the air…