Who Are You Monitoring?

Since the advent of television our viewing habits have changed. We might no longer smoke a pipe in front of our grandchildren. There are vast amounts of stuff to look at. There is usually a buck involved somewhere, a paywall perhaps.

I started using the internet about 35 years ago and since those heady days of FTP things have changed.

We can snoop on and stalk anybody we want, apparently one can slip into direct messages whatever the foxtrot that means. Never before in human history has there been so much masturbating over images seen on a screen. Right now, all over the world people are having a wank watching images of other people in states of undress and/or shagging. People imagine that earning money on “Only Fans” is good, but they do not consider the damage that people wanking over their paid for images is doing to them spiritually, energetically. They are being psychically foxtrotted by strangers!

Because it is the norm, humanity is changing into a group of voyeurs remotely sucking up content, hidden behind the venetian slats of their VPN. It is OK everybody is doing it. But it is not. It is dark, dark, dark!! This will not end well.

Right now, there could be people, allegedly intelligent people, monitoring me from afar…

Hi there, how is it hanging with the {South}West london posse?

Obsessive behaviour is not healthy… simples.