18 Degrees and 1km of Strimming

At 16:30 on the 27th of October {!} we have 18˚C and clear blue skies. This is a bit odd. Up on the coast it was 19˚C some people were in the water in bathing costumes, others were surfing and bodyboarding in wet suits. It is school holidays, so the beach was well populated. There were a lot of grandparents on mind the children duty. Many out of towners were present.

Yesterday morning we were at the hospital for the wife to have her biopsy taken. So now we wait, < 100mg of cells will reveal more clues as to what is going on. They said about ten days, that is a mighty long turn around…a lot of hanging around. There is need of the jewel forbearance. Not much else we can do until they get the results.

This morning I started doing the strimming which means doing the edges around the lawns. If you have 0.8 hectare that means a lot of walking. I estimate that I walked ~1km swaying back and forth with our 15kg petrol strimmer. It ran out of gas with about 10 meters to go. I took it as a sign to stop for the day.

Tomorrow it is leaf collection with our new trailer for the sit on. I will do a one-hour session with the axe splitting logs for the fire.

Then on Friday it is due to piss down with rain…

I guess I will be installing Windows 11…