Is Humanity Stuck?

At the moment there is a lot on the telly pertaining to the upcoming climate change summit. People are talking about net zero carbon emissions and the Saudis are saying that hydrocarbon fuels will remain with us for a long time.

The economic paradigm of “growth” is logically inconsistent with battling climate change.

There is some wish that the fairy godmother will magic up enough green jobs to enable continued growth whilst tackling global warming. People do not want to pay for the greening up because it affects their standard of living. On the one hand humanity might say climate change is bad, on the other they want to continue to use vast amounts of energy and fly to Dubai to take fatuous high-resolution selfies which will clog up the drives on the servers in the cloud, with vast amounts of meaningless data.

Which is it deal with increasingly erratic weather or take fatuous selfies and fly everywhere?

Working from home, reduces transport but stops the hospitality sector from serving us overpriced skinny lattes with a hint of cinnamon.

I think humanity is stuck at this crossroads and does not have the will as a species yet to tackle it. Things will need to get a whole lot worse before meaningful action is taken. This is my prophecy.

The obsession with image is counter evolutionary.

Never before in human history has there been such a thing about image, how one looks and shit like that. If one seeks liberation from the form, then worshipping the form is counter evolutionary. It is going the wrong way. If our icons are “influencers” possibly IQ deficient ones, what does that say about what we worship? Vacuity is the new deity! All hail the Brazilian butt lift.

Yep, I reckon that humanity is stuck. What do you think?