Boston Figurine dream 31-10-21

Here is the third of this morning’s dreams. It is a little more mundane.

I am sat on the large open space of grass in our garden looking down towards the pond. There is a flexible wooden structure made of pine floating on the pond. It is getting blown about and “flapping” in the wind. I think that it needs some cross struts to reinforce it.

I go to the veranda which now looks like one of the wooden verandas we used to have in Australia. I sit down and construct some wooden struts out of a light-coloured wood these are about 50cm long. I take these and somehow without getting wet fit them to the wooden structure.

The dream shifts to Boston Massachusetts. In one of the old, large stone buildings there someone is reading out a will. They find that I have been left something in the will. A letter is dispatched to me telling me to expect some inheritance.

I receive this letter. I assume that I may use the inheritance to finish my wooden construction.

Next, I am speaking to D and R in London. I mention that I have just made an assumption. They both comment that they are prone to making assumptions and that in many cases those assumptions have been very wrong indeed.

I am back here in France. I receive a carboard box in which there is a finely woven hessian bag. I pull out the bag and place it on the floor. I pull out an exquisite blue and white pottery sculpture of a head. It is about half the size of my fist. It of a historical female, maybe 17-18th century. I instinctively know that it is a Limoges figurine. In the bag amongst the packing straw there are around 20-30 other heads just like this one. They are all exquisite.

I hold up the figurine and wonder how come?

I am reminded of the time when we saw the painted porcelain Tarot deck in an antique shop in central Vienna.

Dream ends.