New Operating System, Water Heat Pump and Weird Dreams

This afternoon we have been down to Palacret to hear the water going over the weir. It is pretty noisy. Upstream here at our property the river is now level with the bridge and will soon be over it.

Yesterday after having made a Windows 10 restore disc, I upgraded to Windows 11. And in something of a personal record it only took me two attempts. I needed to update some of the Intel drivers and disconnect my memory expansion storage. An operating system is a dreaming symbol /metaphor for how we perceive and compute the world around us. Mine is now fully up to date.

I had something of a ta-da moment. We have a river flowing through our property and a sizeable pond. Could we have a water-based heat pump? These are the most efficient type. The short answer is probably. In principle we could house sufficient solar panels, enough battery back up and install a water-based heat pump. It is not beyond the realms of possibilities we could go off grid. The question would be how much dosh do we need to do this?


The dreams I had overnight were pretty damn intense. The first one with the Mossad element has a feel of secret mission which is perhaps something of an indication of destiny.

18 +17 = 35 = 8

9 + 8 = 17 = 8

There are a lot of 8s….

8 is harmony {through conflict}.

The dotted line in the diagram in the second dream is the place where the world is in the act of becoming or manifesting and represents the “abyss” between the worlds of negative existence and the first part of immanence.

It is possible that the first two dreams are reminding me of a prior hypothesis in that I might be a dreaming three pronged {nagal 18 courage} with a philosophical predilection and hence the sobriety of the East 17. {discrimination / discernment}.

I have a feeling that second dream is a part of a sequence which suggests that we need to get down to 10.

It is too early to say…

More rain is forecast tonight…