Otz Chiim – 8 Harmony Dream 31-10-21

I’ll make a comment that this dream is almost impossible to verbalize and that it pertains to the lightning strike of manifestation as is pictured in the diagram below.

I am very, very far into an alternate state of awareness. I know myself to be at the point of manifesting. {Represented by the dotted line.} All of a sudden, a sphere is manifested which very quickly differentiates into two more planetary like objects. They are all radiant yet nebulous and formless.

The downward motion pauses.

Then the third sphere morphs into the fourth on the right-hand side of the descent. It is a radiant sunny sphere reminiscent of the baby of Teletubbies. I know that this is a very unstable stage. Something “eats” this sphere to produce another which rapidly morphs into what I know to be the sixth sphere. This is stable. {The jewel six if the jewel of the Man of Action and choosing between the old and the new.}

The process goes on through two more spheres and stops at the eighth sphere which is intricately carved in wood. It has the properties of earth and represents the stage of stability. In the dream I know this to be the courier to the Man of Action and his jewel, harmony through conflict.

Dream ends.