Caught in a Squall and Difficult to Believe

The weather is changeable at the moment, and it is easy to be held ransom by it. So, we took our chances and went up to Port Blanc for seashore walk. In the distance we could see a rain squall over Perros Guirec. It was dark and broody and heading our way. We decided to head back to the car knowing full well we would not outpace it and sure enough the temperature plummeted, the wind whipped up and we got to experience a lot of Breton rain. The wife was wearing a coat she bought in Beddgelert and I only had my >30-year-old cagoule over a sweater and polo.  I bought that cagoule in Kendall but now alas, it is time to ditch it as it is knackered and no longer waterproof.

It was refreshing to understate.

In our day and age, it is difficult to imagine people not being a ‘phone junkie.

I am going to make some statements I wonder if you will find them difficult to believe.

Outside of this marriage, I have not spoken to anyone using a telephone for what might be called social purposes since 2014.

I haven’t received a social text SMS message since December 2018.

Since the beginning of April, I have had only three social emails none of them longer than a short paragraph.

I haven’t had a Skype or similar conversation with anyone in the preceding six months.

Am I making this up or is it true? What do you reckon?