What Makes Something Newsworthy?

Because I am experiencing two different national presses at the same time I have been contemplating as to what makes something newsworthy.

At the moment there is the English – French fishing row and it is being reported very differently in the two presses. It seems that the English think it is OK to apply leverage in negotiation but do not like it when others apply leverage on them. One rule for us and quite another for everyone else.

It looks like we are going to have another adolescent pissing contest in front of the great urinal of life to distract from the important business at hand.

The French press report a lot more on their former colonies and I have already learned many things which I was unaware of. I have found this interesting.

What is newsworthy on Al Jazeera differs from Russia Today. Reuters is different from The New York Post. Our local on-line newspaper is very informative in a way we never got in England.

I was once the subject of a press tirade in The Evening Standard because I kept confidentiality by refusing an interview about a sensitive matter. The journalist wanted revenge and mentioned my name over twenty times in one piece. How that got past the editor remains a mystery to me unto this day. He never paid for my subsequent therapy. I was newsworthy for maybe 24 hours.

What interests people makes it newsworthy and people it seems are very interested in soap operas and so-called reality TV.

For one thing I am very happy that we are no longer hearing of the daily twitter madness of the orange man. The social media output of the most powerful man on earth is apparently newsworthy.

I am pretty certain that the doings of an eccentric quasi-reclusive British pensioner are not newsworthy. There is nothing illegal going on and we live largely behind the hedges.

I am pretty out of touch with modern society, so I don’t really know what goes on there anymore.

I am surprised by what I see published and of late I am getting less of an inclination to read any of it. It is often very shouty and people talk about snubs and made up stuff like that. The whole palaver about transgender use of public toilets seems to be a hot topic. Here men park their cars at the side of the road a take a piss in full view.

Maybe I am simply a relic, a dinosaur.

Oh well…

It is sunny outside.

Who am I to fathom what goes on in the minds of others?