Totally Knackered & Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

First have a look at these two images.  What do you think they are?

I am sitting here feeling totally knackered, particularly in the shoulders. We have started burning some of our wood stash which we prepared earlier in the year. We still have a few commercial logs and if we do a mix and match in the log burner, we can get the room temperature at 4m from the burner up to 25˚C with ease. If we keep the door to the spiral staircase open it heats upstairs as well. The burner is rated at 6-9 kW, so it is a bit of a beast. It is nice to use things from our land. We have over 100 trees, so we can virtue signal our carbon neutrality.

I have just loaded the trailer for the sit on mower with wood from the central odds and sods stash. The wife drove it down to the chopping area and I did about 1 hours’ worth of log chopping with the small handheld axe and my trusty four and a half pounder. Even though I was by nature a towny I know how to swing an axe. My first ever job was cutting open car batteries to regain the lead with an axe. It was very unpleasant and two of us used to fill two skips a day which was always over 10 tonnes of lead. We had to overcome mgh to put this in the skip. We earned ~£200 cash per week {no questions asked} way back in ’82 and ’83 doing this. It was a health and safety nightmare and I still have sulphuric acid burns on my left elbow. It would not be allowed these days.

These logs are now stacked, by the wife, in the veranda and will get a last dry near the log burner before use.

On and off I have been getting very strong visuals of people whom I used to work with back in the mists of time. Why the foxtrot that is I have no idea. They are tangible almost as if they are here in the room with me. Most of them { >7 } are from Imperial but a few are from Oxford. I have no idea why this is going on. Don’t they have anything better to do?

Unfortunately, I do not have a psychiatrist on speed-dial. I am also getting several senior figures from Tibetan Buddhism “coming through”.  Refer to the title of this post.

These two images were taken in our kitchen sink one morning. They are sink “rainbows”.

Light from the sun was being diffracted by water in a wine glass which was soaking at the edge of the sink. By chance it had just the right amount of water. When I experimented a bit, the pattern became less distinct

Pretty groovy…