Difficult Times Psychologically

The wife is having a nap on the sofa in the next room. It has been a very trying few weeks, particularly for her. We are still waiting for the biopsy result and the unknown is pretty worrying. I am a bit more hard-headed, and it is not me who had the biopsy taken.

The balance between taking things seriously, not putting the head in the sand and not catastrophising is not easily struck. I am pretty calm. It is not nice watching someone go through this.

In my case the biopsy did not show any signs of cancer, the surgeon wanted another look via colonoscopy. I said to him measure twice cut once and sure enough that is what he did. They had a good image down the endoscope and the biopsy of the removed section of colon was indeed found to have a T3 cancer. I am due another joy filled laxative laden colonoscopy in December. Happy Christmas and all that.

There is a sensation of calm before the storm. In that there may well be a flurry of activity upcoming, soonish.

I am wondering if these breakthrough events that I seem to be having are just a side effect of becoming an old git…one of those things that nobody tells you about.