Breaking Bad and The New Waders

I am sat here in my Walter White Breaking Bad T-shirt which I did on occasion wear when doing A-level chemistry tutorials in the sometimes-posh kitchens of the Surrey Hampshire borders. The T-shirt nearly always got a good reaction from the students, not always from the parents. They did not want a murderous crystal meth dealer teaching their kids. The students nearly all wanted to know if the chemistry was right in the programme. And when Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg scaled up to large batch processes they wanted to know if such a thing was possible. I have run million-pound MBE and MOCVD reactors so I could speculate with some accuracy.

In the general public response to my t-shirt is also polarised. Those who loved the series sometimes give a thumbs up. Others are a bit more wary. I can say 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. I was an entrepreneur with a start up, I did teach high school chemistry and I have had cancer. A large-scale crystal meth dealer I am not. Walter and I have some things in common.

I have heard it said that Breaking Bad increased application rates for chemistry degrees.

To a non-chemist if you say that you are a bit of a pyromaniac, then you might get some strange reactions. A small cup of petrol, a pile of wood and a box of matches are the key to an afternoon and evening of joy.

This afternoon we started clearing around the pond. The bumper Iris crop has started to wilt and yellow. We took away the dead and put it in the trailer. Many of the Irises are in a few feet of water, and we have some beech trees growing out the bank. So, I donned the Wallace and Gromit “wrong trousers” waders and got into the pond. The new ones don’t leak. I never knew that walking in a pond was such hard work. There is plenty of fresh Iris growth already and it needs sun. The pond has about a foot of rotting leafy debris at the bottom which is a bit like quicksand. Trying to lift a heavily wellied foot out of the quagmire without having an act of spontaneous self-baptism is knackering. I manged to walk about forty meters tidying the vegetation pond side. I am glad we stopped when we did, because right now I am wasted, not in a druggy sense but physically. The pond water was pretty cold and even through the waders you could feel it. It will be colder when we do the second pass.

The plumber has gone for the night and about 70% or our central heating is working he will be back in a diffuse French way, either Tuesday or Wednesday….bof

There are Autumn rugby internationals on this weekend and because we are a two satellite dish family we can get French and UK TV…

Looks like we will be huddled around the log burner for a few more nights…